Food Source Services

FoodSource works for nut and dried fruit growers.  We exhibit at numerous industry trade shows and meet with importers, distributors and manufacturers.

Managing effective logistics are an integral part of our operation.  We understand that growers need to focus on growing crops, and we work to simplify the complex responsibilities of global product sales.

Our services to nut and dried fruit growers include:

  • Monitoring commodities’ market conditions
  • Researching buyer markets
  • Identifying and qualifying prospective buyers
  • Negotiating buyer contracts
  • Arranging export shipments

Contact us to discuss your needs.  We welcome inquiries from growers seeking distribution channels and buyers seeking nut and dried fruit products.

Personal Relationships
We believe that our partners on both sides are best served by building relationships based on trust and respect.  Rather than accepting any short term deal, we complete comprehensive evaluations of potential buyers before introducing them to our growers.  Our long term success rate proves that this thorough process results in lower risk transactions in the naturally variable food commodities market.

International Shipping
International shipping can be complex.  Import laws vary from country to country and there are hundreds of companies that specialize in shipping cargo to various parts of the world.

Facilitating international shipments is a cornerstone of our service.  We guarantee our transaction partners:

  • Highly competitive freight rates
  • Effective supply chain logistics management
  • Active monitoring of shipments

Contact us  to discuss your needs. We look forward to connecting with you.