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Golden raisin: This kind is oven dried and then sulfur is added in order to saving it's color.

Detailed Product Description

Golden, Sultana, Sun dried raisin, seeded sun dried raisin.
We produce best quality different raisins as follows:
Seedless Golden Raisins: Golden raisin is golden yellow to yellow-amber in color.

A. Color: reasonably well-colored or better as defined by the USDA standards.
B. Flavor: sweet to tart, typical of the variety, and free from off flavors.
C. Defects: grade A for stems and cap-stems, and grade B or better for other defects as defined by the USDA standards for raisins.
D. Sizes: Jumbo (less than 900 berries per pound)
Select (approximately 900-1200 berries per pound)
Upgraded (approximately 1000-1500 berries per pound)

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