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Large Nut with thick, well-sealed, heart shaped shell with 90% light kennels


Large Nut with thick shell and greater that 90% light kernels


Medium to large size nut with good shell seal, 85-90% light kernels


Large Nut with thin shell and 90% light kernels


Large Nut with thick oval shell, 70-80% light kernels

  • Jumbo: 32mm
  • Jumbo/Large: 30 mm & larger
  • Jumbo/Large/medium: 30 mm
  • Large: 28 mm & larger
  • Medium: 28mm
  • Small (13 mm- 11 mm); whole and broken (No maximum, No minimum)
  • 50 lbs (22.68 kg) bags: 880-900 bags/40′ FCL
  • 55.115 lbs (25 kg) bags: 800 bags/40′ FCL
  • 10 kg (22.64 lbs.) cartons; 1,920 cartons/40’FCL
  • 25 lb cartons (11.34 kg); 1,440 cartons/20’ FCL, 1,760 cartons/40’ FCL

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Walnut Halves: 7/8 or more of kernel is intact, 85% or more of lot, by weight are half kernels with the remainder three-fourths half kernels

Walnut Pieces and Halves (Halves and Pieces): 20 % or more of lot, by weight, are half kernels (7/8  or more of kernel is intact)

Walnut Pieces: portions of kernels in lot cannot pass through 24/64 inch (9.53 mm) round openings

Walnut Medium Pieces: no less than 98% pass through 32/64 inch (12.7 mm) screen, no more than 3% may pass through 16/64 inch (6.35 mm) screen, no more than 1% may pass through 8/64 (3/18mm) screen

Walnut Small Pieces: portions of kernels in lot pass through 24/64 (9.53 mm) round opening but cannot pass through 8/64 inch (3.18 mm) round openings


Extra light: no more than 15% shall be darker than the extra light of which only 2% (included in the 15%) may be darker than light

Light: no more than 15% shall be darker than light of which only 2% (included in the 15%) may be darker than light amber

Light amber: no more than 15% shall be darker than light amber of which only 2% (included in the 15%) may darker than amber

Amber: no more than 10% shall be darker than amber


25 lbs (11.34 kg) cartons: 1,050 per 20′ FCL, 1,680 cartons per 40′

30 lbs (13.61 kg) cartons:  875 per 20′ FCL, 1,400 cartons per 40′

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From: California Walnut Board and California Walnut Commission; Folsom, California