About Food Source

FoodSource, Inc. is a global supplier of nuts and dried fruits. We represent North American food growers in international markets. We strive to expand our customer base and maintain market share throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Buyers in these regions include importers, distributors, food manufacturers and national retailers.

Long Term Relationships
We believe the stability of long term relationships is key. We understand the challenges that come with shipping high value food commodities, and work hard to mitigate these risks for both growers and buyers.

Due to our commitment to relationship building we will not engage in quick, high risk deals. We invest the time necessary to establish trust between potential transaction partners.

Long Term Stability
FoodSource Incorporated is a privately owned company based in the United States with over 15,000 tons shipped annually. We have been successfully connecting domestic growers with international buyers for over a decade.

Contact FoodSource
Contact us  to discuss your needs. We welcome inquiries from buyers seeking nut and dried fruit products and growers seeking distribution channels.